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Sunday, 7 August 2011

NPP safety

First we are going to look into the structure itself, where it will be built. Basically NPP will be built at much more deeper level below the land compared to other structures. The main reason behind this move is too minimise the seismic vibration caused by earthquakes. Whenever there is a presence strong earth quake, the NPP opeartion will be SCRAMed ( will be shutdown immediately ASAP). But at the first stage of selecting place for NPPs, we would look for areas which not prone to earthquekes. This explains, the extra safety measures that a NPP pose in order to overcome problems related to earthquakes. Picture below depicts the earthquake safety measures at a NPP.

Secondly, we would look into the most afraid form of attack, which is the plane crash. Eventhough, we believe one would not make such attack upon a NPP because it will somehow reflect to them back but we don't know how human changes. So let's get prepared for such attack. Talking about plane crashes, in order to fully convert the force of plane at certain speed, it need larger medium. Let's compare the size of Empire State Building and a NPP. Empire State Building collapsed due to its larger size where it absorbed the energy from the planes, while NPP has smaller size and it would not absorbs much energy and the containment wall is strong enough to withstand a plane crash onto it. Here is a link where you can find the facts about it.

Thirdly, we would look into the cooling towers and also the tertiary water pump system. Basically, they are made for one main function. Which is to cool the water vapor from turbine and feed it into the reactor. At colling tower, these vapors are condensed at normal temperature in a open space, where it might appear like dangerous gases coming out from the cooling tower. well, actually they are just water vapors.....
If there is no presence of cooling tower, the vapor will be cooled at nearby sea or river. But, the question is will the heat liberated to the nearby sea or river will threaten the living organism there? for example, if the heat from the NPP gives rise to the sea water temperature, it will kill the microorganism which is the food source for fishes. But research shows that, heat exchanged from the NPP will not harm underwater creatures.

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